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Maqua® Pad MAP

MaquaPad MAP is the world's first water-based pad printing ink and especially suited for textiles and toys.
It meets all the requirements not only of the toy, but also of the textile industry and offers high safety standards for both, manufacturer and consumer.

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  • Water-based ink system: Nearly odourless, very low VOC values, low level of solvent contamination, less work safety measures required
  • Tampacolor colour range: Satin gloss and high-opaque shades, PANTONE®, HKS®, and RAL mixing formulas

For textiles:

  • With the addition of hardener perfectly suited for the print onto synthetic and natural fabrics
  • A fast, economical, and wearer-friendly alternative to transfer and sew-in lables (tagless printing)
  • Very flexible, no "cracking" of the ink film, passes all industrial wash tests
  • Long pot life (48 h)
  • And soon also with GOTS certification and ECO PASSPORT!

For sensitive applications:

  • Suitable for applications according to the directive 2009/48/EG („Toys directive DIN EN 71/3“), lowest PAH values, made without the use of BPA/BPS
  • Highly resistant for robust and durable toy surfaces
  • 1-component processing, no pot life, no ink residuals

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PVC, kova


Polykarbonaatti (PC)


Polypropyleeni (PP), esikäsit


Päällystetyt materiaalit


Polystyreeni (PS)


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  • Product Info
  • Tech Info
  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Värisävyt

    System Maracolor/Tampacolor

    • 920 Citron 920 Citron
    • 922 Light Yellow 922 Light Yellow
    • 924 Medium Yellow 924 Medium Yellow
    • 926 Orange 926 Orange
    • 930 Vermilion 930 Vermilion
    • 932 Scarlet Red 932 Scarlet Red
    • 934 Carmine Red 934 Carmine Red
    • 936 Magenta 936 Magenta
    • 940 Brown 940 Brown
    • 950 Violet 950 Violet
    • 952 Ultramarine Blue 952 Ultramarine Blue
    • 954 Medium Blue 954 Medium Blue
    • 956 Brilliant Blue 956 Brilliant Blue
    • 960 Blueish Green 960 Blueish Green
    • 962 Grass Green 962 Grass Green
    • 970 White 970 White
    • 980 Black 980 Black

    Korkeapeittoiset sävyt

    • 170 Opaque White 170 Opaque White
    • 180 Opaque Black 180 Opaque Black

    Muut sävyt

    • 910 Overprint Varnish 910 Overprint Varnish

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